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Asi Rocky

Asi Rocky (29 Years Old), also known as Hazeeb SK, is a contestant on Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6. He is involved in the art of tattooing and owns a tattoo studio, bringing a unique blend of creativity and artistry to the reality show.

Asi Rocky is a contestant known for his unique style and personality. He adds an element of surprise and excitement to the show.

Asi Rocky Wife Photo

asi rocky wife photo
NameAsi Rocky
ProfessionEntrepreneur, reality TV personality, tattoo artist
Age29 Years Old
FamilyNot specified
ImagesNot available
Bigg Boss Malayalam 6Participant
ImpactRecognized as a prominent tattoo artist in South India and contributed to skill development initiatives
DescriptionKnown for participation in Bigg Boss Season 6

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Azi Rocky, recognized for his skills in tattoo artistry and modeling, is set to showcase his talents and personality on Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6. His presence adds a creative touch to the show’s diverse lineup of contestants.


As a tattoo artist and model, Azi Rocky has carved a niche for himself in the industry with his unique style and artistic flair. His participation in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 offers viewers an opportunity to witness his creativity and passion unfold within the confines of the reality show.


With his background in tattooing and modeling, Azi Rocky’s journey on Bigg Boss Season 6 is anticipated to be filled with artistic expressions, personal insights, and engaging interactions with fellow contestants. Viewers can look forward to experiencing a blend of creativity and personality as Azi Rocky navigates the challenges and dynamics of the show.

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  • Sreethu
    18% 18% 8.6k/ 47.5k
  • Rishi
    10% 10% 4.7k/ 47.5k
  • Norah
    13% 13% 6.2k/ 47.5k
  • Saranya
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  • Jaanmoni
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