‘Dangal’ Star Suhani Bhatnagar Passes Away at 19

The Indian film industry has lost a young talent with the untimely demise of ‘Dangal’ actor Suhani Bhatnagar at the age of 19. Suhani passed away on February 16, 2023 in New Delhi after battling a rare autoimmune disease

In a recent media interaction, Suhani’s grief-stricken parents revealed more details about the cause of her death. Her father shared that two months ago, Suhani began experiencing swelling in her hands which later spread to her entire body. Despite consulting several doctors, the cause of the swelling remained a mystery. About 11 days ago, she was admitted to AIIMS hospital in Delhi where tests finally diagnosed her condition as dermatomyositis – a rare inflammatory disease that causes muscle weakness and rashes.

Doctors said the only treatment for dermatomyositis is steroids. After being given steroids, Suhani’s immunity weakened making her prone to infections. Unfortunately, she contracted an infection during her hospital stay which led to fluid accumulation in her lungs causing breathing difficulties. On the evening of February 16, the young actor tragically passed away due to the infection while battling dermatomyositis.

Suhani’s mother fondly recalled her daughter’s passion for acting which began in childhood. At the age of 10, Suhani was selected from over 25,000 aspirants to play the role of young Babita Kumari in Aamir Khan’s blockbuster film ‘Dangal’ in 2016. She effortlessly lit up the screen with her confidence and charm, endearing herself to audiences. Her mother expressed immense pride in Suhani’s cinematic achievements at such a young age.

After ‘Dangal’, Suhani took a break from acting last year to focus on her college education. She was pursuing a Mass Communication and Journalism degree and hoped to return to acting after completing her studies. Her dreams were cruelly cut short by the rare disease which claimed her life.

Suhani’s co-star Zaira Wasim, who played young Geeta Phogat in ‘Dangal’, retired from acting in 2019 to focus on her religious studies. The Phogat sisters – Babita and Geeta – whom Suhani and Zaira portrayed as children, expressed grief over the loss of the talented young actor.

Suhani’s death is a huge blow to the Indian film fraternity. The 19-year old had her entire life and a promising career ahead of her. May her soul rest in peace. Her struggle with a rare debilitating disease and its tragic outcome has shocked the nation.

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