How to Watch Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 for Free?

How to Watch Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6

Watch Bigg 6 Malayalam From Our Website for Free

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 Live Today Episode

Bigg Boss Malayalam has become a cultural sensation. This reality show packs more twists and drama than any other with its unique format. If you want an all-access pass into the world of BBM, read on!

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 Starting date

Where and How to Watch

  • Catch Episodes Live
  • Other Viewing Options
    • On Demand – Previous episodes on Hotstar
    • Exclusive Content – Hotstar Specials BB Plus
  • Subscription Plans
    • Cable/Satellite – Asianet subscription
    • Streaming – Hotstar VIP or Premium plans

The Bigg Boss House

  • Specially designed house with:
    • Open air theme and tropical garden
    • Bedrooms, activity areas, kitchen, bathroom
    • Camera-rigged for 24/7 monitoring
  • Housemates are isolated from outside world
  • No communication devices or entertainment allowed
  • Confinement creates tensions and bonds

Format and Rules

  • Contestants
    • 14-18 celebrities as housemates
    • Locked in house for 100 days
  • Tasks
    • Physical, mental, creative challenges
    • Punishments for failing tasks
  • Evictions
    • Public voting decides weekly evictee
    • Surprise wild card entries

What to Expect

Daily Life in the House

  • Contestants devise strategies, make alliances
  • Daily chores assigned through tasks
  • Luxury food budget won through tasks
  • Pool, gym facilities for leisure
  • Romances and fights sparked by confinement
NominationsContestants nominate each other for eviction
Captaincy TasksTasks to become house captain with privileges/responsibilities
Luxury Budget TasksWinning tasks means more food rations and amenities that week
EvictionOne contestant eliminated through public votes

Why It’s So Popular

  • Featuring fan favorite celebrities
  • Relatable contestants show real emotions and bonds
  • Tasks and challenges are entertaining
  • House politics create drama and conflict
  • Eliminations are unpredictable and shocking
  • Provides escape and lively conversation topic

Go ahead, lose yourself in the phenomenon that is Bigg Boss Malayalam.

Live Bigg Boss 6 Malayalam Vote – Week 13
  • Jinto
    37% 37% 195.3k/ 517.2k
  • Arjun
    37% 37% 195k/ 517.2k
  • Jasmin
    8% 8% 46.2k/ 517.2k
  • Rishi
    12% 12% 63.5k/ 517.2k
  • Abhishek
    2% 2% 11.9k/ 517.2k
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