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Jaanmoni Das, a transgender makeup artist from Guwahati, Assam, has emerged as a trailblazer in the beauty industry, leaving an indelible mark with her exceptional talent and artistry. Renowned for her transformative makeup skills, Jaanmoni has not only worked with esteemed celebrities in the Malayalam film industry but has also become a symbol of inclusivity and diversity.

Jaanmoni is a contestant known for her charisma and charm. She adds a touch of elegance to the show with her presence.

Full NameJaanmoni Das
Age28 Years
ProfessionCelebrity Makeup Artist, LGBTQ Activist
HometownGuwahati, Assam
ChildhoodRaised in the household of a railway employee and homemaker
Artistic LineageComes from a family with respected artists like singing legend Bhupendra Hazarika and film directors
PassionInitially passionate about dance, transitioned to professional dancing
Career ShiftMoved to the makeup industry, becoming one of the most sought-after artists in Kerala
Social MediaInstagram: jaanmonidas

Early Life and Passion for Dance

Hailing from Guwahati, Assam, Jaanmoni Das spent her formative years immersed in the world of dance. As a teenager, she discovered her passion for dance and pursued it professionally, showcasing her talent and dedication. However, her journey took a new turn when she found herself drawn to the art of makeup, sparking a new chapter in her life.

Transition to Makeup Artistry

Driven by a newfound fascination with beauty and makeup, Jaanmoni underwent formal training in the field, honing her skills and exploring the intricacies of makeup artistry. Her journey eventually led her to Kerala, where she seized the opportunity to immerse herself in the vibrant world of makeup artistry. Quickly gaining recognition for her exceptional talent, Jaanmoni earned the title of the “Queen of Makeup,” solidifying her reputation as a sought-after artist in the industry.

Collaboration with Celebrities and Film Projects

Jaanmoni Das’s expertise has graced numerous celebrities in the Malayalam film industry, including Manju Warrier, Amala Paul, Ranjini Haridas, Nazriya Nazim, and many others. Her work on various projects like Ennum Eppozhum and Kalimannu has further showcased her versatility and creativity as a makeup artist. Beyond working with celebrities, Jaanmoni’s portfolio extends to bridal makeup, fashion shoots, and advertising campaigns, highlighting her diverse skill set and artistic flair.

Personal Journey and Aspirations

As an ardent fan of Bollywood star Sridevi, Jaanmoni dreams of becoming a makeup artist for the iconic actress. Her passion for makeup is fueled by a deep connection with her clients and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Despite facing challenges as a transgender individual, Jaanmoni’s desire to embrace womanhood fully reflects her courage and determination to live authentically.

Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6

Jaanmoni Das’s entry as the eighth confirmed contestant on Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 marks a new chapter in her journey. As she steps into the reality show’s spotlight, audiences can anticipate witnessing her unique personality, talent, and resilience unfold on screen. Jaanmoni’s presence on the show promises to inspire viewers and showcase the depth of her artistry beyond the realm of makeup.Jaanmoni Das stands as a beacon of empowerment and creativity in the beauty industry, breaking barriers and redefining standards of beauty through her exceptional work and unwavering spirit. Her story serves as a testament to the transformative power of passion, talent, and authenticity in pursuing one’s dreams.Jaanmoni Das

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