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In the vibrant world of Malayalam cinema, a new talent is dazzling audiences – Malavika Manoj. Her captivating charm and raw acting chops have marked the arrival of a star set for great heights. As a movie buff, I decided to explore the journey of this rising icon.

Malavika Manoj Photos

Early Life and Family

Malavika was born on July 06, 2005 in Chennai into a family rooted in Kerala. Her father Manoj is a businessman while her mother Praseetha is a dancer.

Malavika grew up in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia where she completed schooling from the International Indian School. Exposure to diverse cultural influences nurtured her artistic talents.

Full NameMaalavika Manoj
ProfessionActress, Singer-Songwriter
Popular MoviesPrakashan Parakkatte, Joe
Date of BirthJuly 06, 2005
Age19 years (as of 2023)
MotherPraseetha Manoj
BirthplaceChennai, India
Current CityKochi, Kerala
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBrown


Malavika earned a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, proving her talents extend beyond cinema. Her educational background reflects her intellectual curiosity and provides her acting depth.


Malavika’s acting debut came with the 2022 movie “Prakashan Parakkatte” where she portrayed a strong, independent woman with nuance.

But it was her acclaimed performance in “Joe” that announced the arrival of a star. As a woman battling trauma, she delivered a heart-wrenching act that earned widespread praise.

In the 2023 film “Naayaadi”, Malavika effortlessly embodied the spirit of youth. Her screen presence and raw talent left critics raving. She has become one of Mollywood’s most promising new talents.

Beyond acting, Malavika is also a gifted singer-songwriter. Her melodious voice and stirring lyrics reveal her multifaceted artistry.

At just 19, Malavika Manoj represents the future of Malayalam cinema – a star who blends stunning looks with captivating talent. Her willingness to try author-backed roles makes her one to watch.

With back-to-back impressive performances, Malavika has organically built a fan base. Her down-to-earth charm, intellect and dedication to her craft assure she is here to stay.

As an observer of Malayalam movies, I feel the industry has discovered a rare talent in Malavika. In an era where many depend on formulaic roles, she brings a refreshing authenticity.

The trajectory of Malavika’s career so far hints at greater heights. Her talent assured, I eagerly wait to see what captivating stories she brings to life next. Still early in her journey, her star is set to dazzle for years to come.

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