The X-Factor – Mohanlal’s Unique Style as Bigg Boss Malayalam Host

The X-Factor - Mohanlal's Unique Style as Bigg Boss Malayalam Host

Mohanlal is really the heartbeat of Bigg Boss Malayalam. As the host, he takes on so many different roles effortlessly.

Firstly, he is the game master – setting the rules, overseeing the tasks, and being the final word on anything related to the competition. He keeps the show moving along by introducing new twists and challenges. Sometimes he has to pull contestants aside and give them some tough love, but he does it with wit and wisdom.

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At the same time, he is a mentor and confidante during the confessionals. Mohanlal has this amazing ability to connect with the housemates and get them to open up emotionally. He guides them through their personal journeys on the show.

Beyond conducting the game, Mohanlal is a performer at heart. He entertains us with his spontaneous singing, dancing, and humor. He commands the stage with his charisma during the weekly episodes. Mohanlal breathes life into the show.

And importantly, he is the moral core of Bigg Boss. Mohanlal reminds contestants of their humanity and dignity when things get too heated. He applauds acts of kindness and character. Mohanlal sets the right tone.

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After so many seasons, it’s impossible to imagine the show without him. He knows just how to interact with each cast of contestants and pulls the strings to create dramatic television. Mohanlal makes Bigg Boss Malayalam a one-of-a-kind entertainment experience for viewers.

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  • Jinto
    38% 38% 202.4k/ 530.3k
  • Arjun
    37% 37% 200.5k/ 530.3k
  • Jasmin
    8% 8% 46.8k/ 530.3k
  • Rishi
    12% 12% 63.6k/ 530.3k
  • Abhishek
    2% 2% 12.1k/ 530.3k
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