Vote for Ansiba Hassan – Bigg Boss 6 Malayalam

Ansiba Hassan

Ansiba, an actress, brings her charm and talent to the Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6 house. Her journey in the show is filled with moments of drama, laughter, and challenges.

To support Ansiba and ensure she continues to shine in the competition, cast your valuable vote for her on the official voting platform. Your vote can make a difference in keeping Ansiba safe from eviction and allowing her to showcase her skills further.

Live Bigg Boss Voting – 7th Nomination
  • Adnan
    33% 33% 65.4k/ 194k
  • Arman
    9% 9% 18.7k/ 194k
  • Deepak
    6% 6% 12.6k/ 194k
  • Lovekesh
    31% 31% 61.1k/ 194k
  • Sana M
    7% 7% 14.1k/ 194k
  • Sana S
    5% 5% 10k/ 194k
  • Vishal
    7% 7% 14.9k/ 194k