Vote for Jinto – Bigg Boss 6 Malayalam


Jinto, a bodybuilder and fitness trainer, adds strength and determination to the mix in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6. His physical prowess and dedication are evident in every task he undertakes.

Show your support for Jinto by voting for him and helping him secure his spot in the house. Your vote can motivate Jinto to overcome obstacles and emerge as a strong contender in the competition.

Live Bigg Boss 6 Malayalam Vote – Week 13
  • Jinto
    37% 37% 195.1k/ 516.9k
  • Arjun
    37% 37% 194.9k/ 516.9k
  • Jasmin
    8% 8% 46.2k/ 516.9k
  • Rishi
    12% 12% 63.5k/ 516.9k
  • Abhishek
    2% 2% 11.9k/ 516.9k
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