How to Vote in Bigg Boss Malayalam Season 6

As fans pick their favorite contestants, voting plays a crucial role in deciding who gets evicted and who makes it to the finals. If you’re a devoted BB fan eager to save your beloved housemate from elimination, read on to learn all about the voting process this season.

Overview of Voting Methods

There are two main ways BB viewers can vote for contestants in Season 6 – through the Disney+ Hotstar app and via SMS.

Voting on Hotstar App

This is the primary and most convenient voting method offered by the channel. All you need is a Disney+ Hotstar subscription.

SMS Voting

Apart from the app, you can also vote for your chosen contestant by sending an SMS through your mobile.

Step-by-Step Guide to Vote on Hotstar

Here is a simple step-by-step explanation of how to vote using the Hotstar mobile app:

Download and Login

First and foremost, download Disney+ Hotstar app on your smartphone – Android or iOS. You can also access Hotstar via their website, but app voting is easier.

Once installed, register and login using your credentials.

Navigate to BB Page

On the app’s homepage, search for “Bigg Boss Malayalam” using the search bar. Alternatively, you can open the TV shows section and scroll down to access the show.

Tap Vote Now

During voting periods, a ‘Vote Now’ button is visible on top. Tap on this red icon immediately when voting lines open.

Select Your Contestant

You will be redirected to the voting page displaying photos of nominated housemates. Tap on the contestant’s picture you wish to save from this week’s eviction.

Confirm Vote

A popup will now show the name of the selected contestant. Double check if you picked the right HM and click on ‘Confirm’ to register your vote.

And you’re done! The app will display a ‘Thank You’ message indicating your vote has been submitted successfully.

SMS Voting Process Explained

To vote via text message, you need to send an SMS to a designated number provided by the channel. Let’s learn the exact steps:

Identify Code

Each contestant is allotted a unique code. This keeps changing every week. Check code numbers flashed during nomination episodes or posted on the show’s social media handles.

Format SMS

Type the code as BBML<space>Code Number and send it to 57575.

For instance, if a contestant’s code is 06, you must send – BBML 06

Frequency Limit

You can send up to 10 votes per number per week via SMS. Trying to send excess votes will fail.

And that completes the SMS voting process too!

Additional Voting Guidelines

Here are some extra pointers to keep in mind about Bigg Boss voting:

  • Voting lines open immediately after each nomination process, around midnight 12 AM.
  • Voting is open for limited hours only so utilize the window actively.
  • Both app and SMS votes have equal weightage in the overall tally.
  • To save your favorite HM, it helps voting through both methods for higher impact.
  • Stick to official voting techniques only. Engaging in unlawful practices can do more harm than good!
End Bigg Boss 6 Malayalam Vote – Week 10
  • Abhishek
    You Already Participated!
    9% 9% 12.3k/ 129.5k
  • Ansiba
    You Already Participated!
    6% 6% 7.7k/ 129.5k
  • Resmin
    You Already Participated!
    4% 4% 6.3k/ 129.5k
  • Rishi
    You Already Participated!
    8% 8% 10.6k/ 129.5k
  • Sreethu
    You Already Participated!
    9% 9% 12.4k/ 129.5k
  • Jinto
    You Already Participated!
    24% 24% 32k/ 129.5k
  • Jasmin
    You Already Participated!
    21% 21% 28.4k/ 129.5k
  • Arjun
    You Already Participated!
    10% 10% 13.8k/ 129.5k
  • Apsara
    You Already Participated!
    5% 5% 6.5k/ 129.5k
Button with Gradient Check Voting Results

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